Jim Miklaszewski’s Troubling $30,000 Speech

0719miklas.jpgDid NBC Chief Pentagon Correspondent Jim Miklaszewski violated company policy by accepting $30,000 for a speaking engagement? He wasn’t even the originally planned speaker for the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce’s Business Expo 2007 — NBC’s David Gregory had to drop out due to being sent on assignment. Putting aside our obvious question — who in their right mind would pay $30,000 for a Jim Miklaszewski talk — what does a Pentagon correspondent speak about when addressing a regional Chamber of Commerce convention?

How the Bush administration starting talking of attacking Iraq just hours after September 11th, naturally:

“His information, Miklaszewski told an audience of about 200 people, comes from some “off the record” notes taken in the White House situation room in the hours after the attacks. Miklaszewski said someone gave him the notes two years ago. He did not say who nor explain why, if they were “off the record” he was now sharing them with an audience. […] Reading from his notes, Miklaszewski quoted Rumsfeld as saying five hours after the terrorist attacks: “My interest is to hit Saddam Hussein at the same time we go after al-Qaida.'”

Also, Miklaszewski called John Edwards a “loser.” Again, this is NBC’s Chief Pentagon Correspondent. Like, not retired. At least, not yet.

UPDATE: Want to book Jim at your next function. Here’s his listing on the Barber & Associates booking agency.