Jim Kelly Leaving Time Inc.

052206_article_OTR.jpgAfter 28 years at Time Inc., Jim Kelly has decided to leave the company. He began his career with the magazine as a writer for the Nation section. During the first Gulf War he served as foreign editor and then was promoted to managing editor, a role he held for six years. Two year’s ago he moved up to managing editor for the magazine groups, a role that was specifically created for him. Reporting directly to Editor-in-Chief John Huey, Kelly oversaw standards, practices and ethics, while also working with Huey on proactive policy making, pre-publication vetting of controversial stories and recruitment of outside editorial talent.

The e-mail, published by Gawker, from Kelly announces his departure, but does not officially state why he is leaving. Time Inc. recently laid off 600 staffers and has been looking to decrease redundancy at the magazine.