California Author Remixes Kent State Massacre

The title of Jerry Fishman’s new book is a definite attention grabber. Bookstore browsers will be hard-pressed not to pick up and peruse something called How Nixon Taught America to do the Kent State Mambo.

The plot is even wilder. A university professor and his student romantic partner are whisked away to a parallel dimension planet, taught a thing or two about warfare, and then dropped back into the May 1970 Kent State University mayhem.

Fishman, based in Davis, CA, taught English at a community college for more than four decades before getting into the novel game. He obviously learned a thing or two about attention spans, because his paperback – despite its galaxy-hopping scope – wraps up its mambo narrative in just 142 pages.

The tome retails for $17.00 and is being published via Pittsburgh’s Rose Dog Books.