Jeremy Affeldt Beans the City of Brotherly Love

Recently retired San Francisco Giant cranks out provocative Sports Illustrated essay.

We’re a little late to this, but think it’s still worth sharing.


Earlier this month, recently retired San Francisco Giant relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt penned a provocative essay for Sports Illustrated. In counting down “Five Things I Won’t Miss About Major League Baseball,” he starts with the home of the Phillies:

So first, let me be clear. Philly is a great sports town, with passionate fans and a palpable energy. The problem, though, is that the city, more than any other I’ve played in, seems to condone and almost revel in its fans crossing the line. Nowhere else in this country — again, based on my experience as a 14-year major leaguer and the conversations I’ve had with other players — is the opposition treated in such a repeatedly vile and borderline threatening manner…

The irony is, while Phillies fans succeed in making many players dread traveling there, they also (not surprisingly) impact the decision-making process of those same players in free agency.

Double shots fired! Also, Chicago Cubs fans are going to be a little irritated by #4. Read the rest here. Somewhat miraculously, none of Affeldt’s five items have anything to do with the Dodgers or Los Angeles.
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