Jake Dyson Keeps Innovation in the Family Bloodline


Holidays be damned, we say around here. Because, somewhere in the world (see: not in the US), someone is working at an office, begging for new things to look at on a web devoid of movement. But let’s make it a casual day today, eh? Seems like that would be best. So first we turn to an interesting piece in the UK Times, taking a look at Jake Dyson‘s living quarters. While his vacuuming father keeps busy trying to build schools where schools maybe shouldn’t be built, Jake has been building a budding design/innovation empire of his own, largely with lighting. It’s an interesting piece with a healthy mix of Home & Garden house visit, a look at new technologies, and a nice, like-father-like-son component lingering out there in the background. Here’s a bit:

Then came a new workshop in North London and the advent of the Motorlight, another intricately engineered, long-term project that is fast becoming a design statement used by architects and interior designers in offices and homes. The light has a strangely calming effect. It seems to sigh as it gently rises and lowers and the beam opens and closes, but Dyson describes it as dynamic. “It’s like music: you can choose the type and level of light you have in the same way you would select music to suit your mood,” he says. “People have told me that they watch the changing light beams instead of turning on the television.”