It’s Springsteen, not Springstein

Matthew Mosk, the White House Bureau Chief for The Washington Times humbly copped to a spelling error over the weekend in a White House Pool Report. He misspelled The Boss’s name, writing “ei” instead of “ee” in Springsteen’s surname.

“This is a big one, with apologies: Bruce SPRINGSTEEN,” he wrote in regards to his error at the top of his report.

His Pool Report on Kennedy Center honorees was descriptive, star-studded and pretty entertaining with Christmas wreaths “the size of truck tires.” He was far less descriptive on the Obamas’ attire. “POTUS was in a tux. The First Lady sat in the front row in a strapless, floor-length, purple gown.”

Maybe it’s a guy thing: At Michelle Obama Watch (run by Austin, Texas -based attorney, Gina McCauley) they describe her in an “orchid purple, pleated chiffon gown.”

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Pool Report 3

Sunday, Dec. 6, 2009

POTUS greets Kennedy Center Honorees

“On a day like this I remember, I’m the president, but he’s the boss,”
POTUS told an audience of 300 entertainment luminaries at the White
House, as he paid tribute to Bruce Springstein.

At 5:37 p.m., POTUS joined the five Kennedy Center award recipients in
the East Room of the White House to tape brief remarks that will be
played during this evening’s formal ceremony. On a riser, framed by gold
drapes, and Christmas wreaths the size of truck tires, sat the five
honorees: singer Bruce Springstein, comedian Mel Brooks, actor Robert DeNiro, pianist and composer Dave Brubeck, and opera singer Grace Bumbry.

A full transcript is expected.

Your poolers collectively attempted to gather as many names of the
famous 300 as we could, which will be partially listed below.

There were some unexpectedly poignant moments. Most notable came during POTUS’s tribute to Dave Brubeck.

“In the few weeks that I spent with my father as a child — he came to
visit me for about a month when I was young — one of the things he did
was to take me to my first jazz concert, in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1971.
And it was a Dave Brubeck concert. The world he opened up to a ten year
old boy was spectacular.”

There were also some unscripted moments with Mel Brooks, as when VPOTUS was announced and Mel Brooks shouted, “Wow!”

POTUS used a number of Brooks’s best lines to get laughs. “We’re reading
back all your golden moments,” POTUS said. “Unfortunately, many of the
punch lines that have defined Mel Brooks’s success cannot be repeated

“I told him that I went to Blazing Saddles, and he pointed out that, I
think, according to the ratings, I should not have been allowed in the
theater. I think that’s true,” POTUS said, adding with a smile, “I got a
fake ID. (pause)_The statute of limitations has passed.”

Brooks mouthed, “Thank you, thank you,” after the president completed
his portion of the tribute.

POTUS called Bumbry “a diva in the classical sense, a divine voice
worthy of the Heavens.” He paid tribute to De Niro’s “emotional
audacity” and his “legendary method.” He called Springstein “the quiet
kid from Jersey who grew up to be a rock and roll lauriette.”

POTUS was in a tux. The First Lady sat in the front row in a strapless,
floor-length purple gown.

There’s more, but time is short. Here’s a quick taste of the audience,
which the pool, with help from others, will try and fill out in the next
report. Please check all names below for spelling.

Jack Black, Katherine Weymouth, Matthew Broderick, Martin Scorsese,
Barbara Walters, Frank Langella, Edward Norton, Ben Stiller, Mikhail
Baryshnikov, Alan Alda, Carol Burnett, Nancy Pelosi, Jon Stewart, Sting,
William Cohen, Patrick Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, Philip
Seymour Hoffman, Joe Montagne, Les Moonves, Harvey Keitel.