It’s Official: Newspaper People Don’t Have Any New/Viable Ideas

This is Charlie Rose’s show about the future of newspapers.

Joining me now is Robert Thomson. He’s the managing editor of “The Wall Street Journal.” Also, Mort Zuckerman. He is owner and publisher of the New York “Daily News” and the editor in chief of “U.S. News & World Report,” a magazine he owns. With me in Washington is Walter Isaacson. He is president and CEO of the Aspen Institute. He’s also the author of this week’s cover story in “Time” magazine called, “How to Save Your Newspaper: A Modest Proposal.” I should also suggest that Walter was formerly the editor of “Time” magazine.

Walter Isaacson had a piece in Time, posted it on Huffington Post – now he’s on Charlie Rose and he’s yet to say anything interesting or helpful about the future of newspapers.

Part of the problem is that they collectively dismiss ‘bloggers’ as citizen journalists and think that their relationship is with only the reader. The fact is that blogs, you’re reading one now, should be the one’s asked to subscribe to newspapers. Like a wire service. They use the original reporting – why not financially contribute to it? It’s not going to solve everything…but it’s better than wishing ‘the iPod model’ will fly.

You can’t save print newspapers by only reading print newspapers.