It’s official: New York media really does love showtunes!

Audrey as Eliza.jpgYou know what they say, three’s a trend and, thanks to this Frank Rich op-ed column, New-York-Media-Loves-Showtunes is officially a trend. We almost considered disqualifying this particular bastardization of Lerner and Lowe as stretching a musical theater reference to the very limit, but then we would have been stuck with Lloyd Grove quoting Mark Wahlberg. Still, Frank Rich, if you thought you could put this past us you should have at least gone all the way with one of these:

Tom DeLay Could Have Danced All Night (And Still Have Begged For More)
The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On Tom DeLay
On The Street Where Tom DeLay Lives
Wouldn’t It Be Tom De-Layverly?

Get Tom DeLay to the Church On Time [NYT]