Italy Ramps Up Its Campaign Against Modernism


Elsewhere in Europe, following Silvio Berlusconi‘s war against Daniel Libeskind, Italy’s culture minister, Sandro Bondi, has gotten behind the party line and announced his distaste for all things modern architecture:

Sandro Bondi told the magazine Grazia: “I struggle to find evidence of beauty in contemporary art. If I go to an exhibition I pretend to understand, like many others. But, honestly, I don’t understand.”

The comments follow a number of attacks on modern architecture by ministers including Bondi and the prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, that has left the arts world aghast.

This “Italy Against Modernism,” for obvious reasons, isn’t playing so hot in some circles, like with the heads of the Venice Biennale and, well, anyone who is involved in the art, design, or architecture world there. But apparently their sway isn’t so strong, as even people like the mayor of Rome have followed the Berlusconi route and have been quoted as saying they they plan to campaign against any new modern building and would like to knock down modernist structures that are already standing. To which we ask them, “Really? This is a thing you’re thinking about, Italian power brokers? There aren’t bigger considerations right now in your country? How nice that must be for you. We hope you enjoy turning your country into Rococo: Part Two.”