ISA 2011: Roundup of Press Coverage

Our Inside Social Apps 2011 conference yesterday featured intense industry discussions around key issues like developer growth on Facebook, the expansion of Credits, the evolution of mobile social applications, and the roadmap for Android in 2011.

Be sure to check out the coverage from the press in attendance, below.

If you want to see what attendees were saying during the event, see the #isa2011 Twitter hashtag.

The Future of Social Gaming: Key Questions for 2011 & The Emerging Media Landscape

Inside Facebook: ISA 2011: Live Blogging The Future of Social Gaming Panel
Silicon Alley Insider: Playdom Founder Says Facebook Is “Addicted” To Games

Fireside Chat: The 2011 Facebook Platform Roadmap

Inside Facebook: ISA 2011: Fireside Chat with Facebook CTO Bret Taylor
Inside Facebook: Facebook CTO Bret Taylor: “Mobile is the primary focus for our platform this year.”
TechCrunch: Bret Taylor: Facebook Cut Spam By 95% Last Year
TechCrunch: Facebook CTO Bret Taylor: “Mobile Devices Are Inherently Social”
TechCrunch: Facebook’s Focus In 2011: Better Cross-Platform Unification Led By HTML5
VentureBeat: Facebook CTO: 2011 is all about mobile and HTML5
Forbes: Facebook: Our Focus In 2011 Is On Mobile, HTML5
All Things Digital: Facebook Sets Mobile Sights on HTML5
Wall Street Journal: Facebook CTO: Mobile Is 2011 Priority
Silicon Alley Insider: Mobile Is Facebook’s Top Priority In 2011
Silicon Alley Insider: What Facebook Learned From Microsoft
Mashable: Facebook Cut Platform Spam By 95% in 2010
Mashable: Facebook CTO: We’re Focused on Mobile in 2011
All Facebook: For The Facebook Platform, 2011 Will Be About Mobile Expansion

Bonus: TechCrunch recently published a follow-up, looking at Facebook’s plans for tablets.

See Techmeme for more discussion on the spam and HTML5 topics.

New and Alternative Social Platforms: Where Do Opportunities Lie?

Inside Facebook: ISA 2011: Live-Blogging New and Alternative Social Platforms Panel

Monetization & Customer Acquisition on the Facebook Platform in 2011

Inside Facebook: ISA 2011: Facebook Announces Buy With Friends and Frictionless Micropayments
Inside Social Games: ISA 2011: Live-Blogging Monetization & Customer Acquisition on the Facebook Platform
TechCrunch: Facebook Commerce Head Deb Liu Addresses Concerns About Mandatory Facebook Credits
VentureBeat: Did Facebook just hint at its answer to Groupon?
Forbes: Facebook To Launch Social Group-Buying Feature
All Things Digital: Facebook Testing Social Commerce Feature “Buy With Friends”
Silicon Alley Insider: Facebook Developers Not Happy About New Payment System
All Facebook: Facebook Takes Heat Over New Credits Policy

See Techmeme for more discussion on the new Credits features.

Growth and Monetization on Mobile Social Platforms

Inside Mobile Apps: ISA 2011: Live-Blogging Growth and Monetization on Mobile Social Platforms
Inside Mobile Apps: ISA 2011: Sony Ericsson to Preload its Android Devices with Facebook Login at Startup
TechCrunch: Sony Ericsson Announces Integration Of Facebook’s ‘Single Sign On’ Across All Android Phones
All Facebook: Sony Ericsson Announces Single Sign-On Support For Facebook

See Techmeme for more discussion of the new Sony Ericsson Facebook integration.

Fireside Chat: Android’s 2011 Social Roadmap

Inside Mobile Apps: ISA 2011: Fireside Chat with Google Android Group Manager Eric Chu
TechCrunch: Android In-App Payments Coming Soon — Were Delayed Because Developers Were Busy
VentureBeat: Google’s Eric Chu explains Android Marketplace rejections, in-app purchases
Forbes: Unhappy With Slow Growth Of Android App Purchases, Google Talks 2011 Roadmap
All Things Digital: Android Market to Finally Get In-App Payments, Improved Discovery. When? “Soon.”
Silicon Alley Insider: Google “Not Happy” With Number Of Android App Purchases

See Techmeme for a large and wide-ranging discussion of the in-app purchase issues and the 2011 roadmap.

M&A Landscape for Small & Midsize Developers

Inside Social Games: ISA 2011: Small Developers Don’t Need to Sell Out Yet
Inside Social Games: ISA 2011: Live-Blogging the Mergers and Acquisitions Landscape for Small and Mid-Size Developers
TechCrunch: Why ‘Angry Birds’ Wouldn’t Make Sense On Facebook

And don’t miss Silicon Alley Insider’s retrospective on the event.