Intel’s Laptops As Purses


We’ve talked about such stories before here, about PC manufacturers getting wise to Apple‘s successes within the laptop industry due to their high-quality slim design, but Airbag pointed us to this interesting story in BusinessWeek that’s similar in tone, but also handles that progression in a broader sense, that people now want technology to function more and more as an accessory, not just a tool. And so they focus on Intel‘s design and construction of the thinnest notebook to date, the Metro. Its width is far smaller than the MacBook we’re writing this post on and even slimmer than a cell phone, and wow, if that keyboard don’t just look like the sexiest thing ever. It’s porn for geeks, certainly, but it’s also a pretty interesting story about trends to boot. Here’s a bit:

“It’s like jewelry,” says Omer Kotzer, a creative director at Ziba, a firm renowned for consumer-electronics design.

And like cell phones, which come with different ringtones and in different colors, this laptop also strives to be a personal fashion accessory. The computer comes with a diary-like folder that attaches to the laptop via magnets. The folder, available in different colors, also functions as a wireless charger for the device. One side features a screen made of material devised by E Ink, one of the recipients of investment by Intel Capital. It can display a picture, the calendar, or your schedule for the day.