In The Spiffed Up New Briefing Room, Tony Snow Begins To Use His Podium 2.0

From a WH Press Briefing last week:

    SNOW: Now, one of the things I mentioned last week was the fact that there — hang on a second. All right, let’s try this — here we go. (Laughter.) Getting used to my own technology here. …

    Q Tony, just curious, what are the mechanics of the way this deal works with the slides? How often do you —

    MR. SNOW: Well, obviously I pushed the wrong button for starters, so I’m getting used to it myself. (Laughter.)

    Q How often do you think you’ll be using it? How are the pictures chosen? What agency — how many agencies were behind this thing today?

    MR. SNOW: Well, basically, I’m the one who picked the slides, and what we did was we put them through a staffing process to ensure accuracy. We will use them when we think it’s appropriate, in terms of providing things that are of news value. And at some point, we may have a capacity for using video, as well.

    I don’t want to — obviously, you want to use it in a way that’s going to be a complement and not a substitute for doing a press briefing. So — but we do plan to make fairly regular use of it. I think it’s important.

    Q Do you see the President, himself, standing up there and pressing buttons? (Laughter.)

    MR. SNOW: Again, I hope he does a better job than I did at the outset.

    Q Did you press the buttons or did they?

    MR. SNOW: I did. Didn’t you notice when I was like, oh, no, that’s the wrong button.

    Q No, but that lectern is so big and ugly I can’t see a thing. (Laughter.)

    Q What does the button say?

    MR. SNOW: “Next.” (Laughter.) That’s literally what is says.

    Q Do you have an “eject” button there, Tony?

    MR. SNOW: An “eject” button? No. (Laughter.) But I think, in advance — one of you can say the magic words. You’re certainly free to do it. (Laughter.)

    Q Thank you.

    MR. SNOW: There you go. (Laughter.)

Eject button? You mean like the one Stephen Colbert proposed?