iFixit Motorola Xoom Honeycomb Tablet Teardown: SIM Slot Waiting for LTE. Good Repairability Score

FYI: Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is no longer to cool Android tablet. That title has shifted to the first Honeycomb (Android OS 3.0) tablet: The Motorola Xoom. Here’s what iFixit found when they took it part.

Motorola Xoom Teardown

– The Xoom works with Verizon’s 3G wireless data network. Verizon’s CDMA voice network does not use a SIM card as GSM networks do (AT&T & T-Mobile in the U.S.). However, the XOOM has a dummy SIM card ready to be replaced when Verizon provides its 4G (LTE) upgrade.

– There is no need for a special prying tool to take the tablet apart.

– The Xoom’s front and rear cables connect to the motherboard by separate cables. This should make replacing a failed camera a single component replacement.

– The Xoom’s antennas are wrapped along the outer edge of the case.

– Repairing the Xoom involves taking out a lot of screws (there are a total of 57). However, iFixit still gives it an 8 (out of 10) rating for repairability.