‘If You Want to be an Artist, You’re Going to Have to Live Like One’

We’ve been following some of our readers’ blogs ever since we asked for y’all to send us links back in July (and please, send more!). Today we happened upon reader Crystal of Brunette On A Budget and her confession that she actually doesn’t like living on a budget. Hey, who of us actually does? But after quitting her corporate job to become an author, a budget is rather necessary.

We found her husband’s “voice of reason” to be pretty dang near universal:

“You know, it’s a trade-off. Would you rather be doing what you did before and shopping all the time, or working on your book and not spending much money?…If you want to be an artist, you’re going to have to live like one.”

I’ve never had to live the life of an artist, so I didn’t know what to expect. And even though I loathe living on a budget, I’ll do so because while it may seem that I’m irate now, I was even more exasperated before with my other career and all the money I had. Go figure.


First: Go Crystal, right?

Second: We’re totally on the hunt for more of your blogs, so feel free to leave a comment and a brief summary.