Icahn Haz Blog

carlggicahnshades.jpgToday’s the day Carl Icahn intends to officially start oversharing. After announcing his intention to join the dark side back in February, Icahn says his blog icahnreport.com (which to us sort of sounds like something you would find on lolcats) will launch today, though as of right this second it’s still being “parked free courtesy of GoDaddy.com.” According to Icahn the blog will offer up “anecdotes and a running commentary” on the “desultory state of corporate governance in America.” Sounds promising.

The delay in its launch (it’s harder than it looks!) prompted the New York Post to start a daily “Carl ‘I Can’t’ Blog Counter,” though Icahn, who has most recently been involved in a proxy battle over the Yahoo board, says that it was lawyers who stopped him from posting anything (oversharing is always risky). Says Icahn:

We’re hoping for a grass-roots response to this down the road…We want to get shareholders to realize they should be doing something. Corporate democracy is a myth in America and its a problem in this economy and one reason we don’t compete in many areas, with many exceptions, there really is no accountability.
In other words, changing the world, one blog at a time.