I am MT: Card Battle review

iammtI am MT: Card Battle is a game for iOS developed by LOCOJOY, LTD. It is available now as a free download from the iTunes App Store and contains numerous in-app purchases.

I am MT: Card Battle starts off by letting the player choose between three characters. Once the player has decided which character he or she wants to use, they’re thrown into a well-detailed tutorial. The game holds the player’s hand as it introduces various aspects of the experience, such as the flow of a battle. In I am MT: Card Battle, players will build a team out of five character cards (and an optional card borrowed from another player), then watch as those characters fight through a level, with the ultimate goal of defeating a final boss. Battles are almost completely automated, allowing players to change only the position of their characters so they can best utilize their strengths. Some players may be instantly turned off by the automated battle, but those who stick around will find a lot more depth between fights.

I am MT: Card Battle features a ton of customization options outside of battle. Completing a stage will unlock other character cards and equipment. Character cards can either be added to the team or may be fused with other cards to increase that card’s stats and level. When a card’s level is high enough, it can be combined with collected equipment and it will evolve into a more powerful form. As players progress through levels, enemies quickly get stronger, so it’s important to not only strengthen cards frequently, but to strengthen all cards on the team. In some cases, players may opt to switch cards out for new ones, and I am MT: Card Battle frequently gives out new cards, but others may be purchased via the in-game shop.


I am MT: Card Battle monetizes entirely through in-app purchases, with only one form of in-game currency: Runes. Early in the game, runes are supplied often, and a large amount is used during the tutorial. After the tutorial, runes can be occasionally earned by completing various in-game challenges, logging in daily, and by progressing through the game. Even with the numerous opportunities to earn runes, the amount earned is less than practical. If they want more, users can purchase runes in two ways. The first is a monthly pass that gives 100 runes per day for 30 days for $4.99, provided the player logs in daily. Otherwise, runes can be purchased in bundles starting at 60 runes for $0.99 up to 7770 runes for $99.99. Smaller bundles of runes won’t provide much value to the player, since anything less than 300 runes will only buy increases to inventory and friend list limits.

Overall, I am MT: Card Battle is a fun game that Is likely to attract casual players and some hardcore players looking for a lighter experience, The automated battles may not appeal to many and the limited interaction with friends can be a bit of a let-down. That said, the simplicity to I am MT: Card Battle will draw in many players and its depth will likely keep them sticking around for a while.

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A game that’s easy to grasp, but carries a lot of depth.