Human Events Unleashes Second Ambusher

Uh oh. Watch out Washington. We have another ambusher on our hands. Watch Human Events Emily Miller ambushing Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) in the Capitol here. It’s not that hostile, as in he’s not running away from her while shielding his face, so maybe it’s not a full-on ambush. Still, the congressman doesn’t seem entirely at ease, especially when Miller dresses him down for supporting a tax hike on small businesses.

We have no doubt that Miller can get a lawmaker or politico to slam a door in her face or a flack to flip out a little. We look forward to critiquing her next ambush. (Pictured here is a more ideal reaction to an ambush.)

Question to readers: What’s the opinion out there on ambush reporting? Good, bad, ethical or not? Write us at, or