How Not To Get A Job In PR: Get Your Journalist Girlfriend To Offer Your Services To Companies With Image Problems

Las Vegas station KTNV-TV aired an investigative series exposing a local auto repair chain’s misdeeds. The anchor who introduced many of the series’ segments offered the chain owner her boyfriend’s PR services to spin some positive coverage.


In a recorded conversation between anchor Nina Radetich and Tire Works owner Roshie Weightman, Radetich gives her boyfriend’s number and says: “He sort of does this stuff on the side. But he is more than willing to talk to you and this is, like, his favorite thing to do. I’m not kidding. If he could do this full time — consult and tell people how to handle the media — he would. So I wanted to kind of give you that heads-up. That’s his cell phone and he’s more than happy to talk to you.”

Numerous news outlets (like the Las Vegas Sun) and journalism groups (like the Poynter Institute) have covered this story from the “what a terrible call on the news anchor’s part” angle, and it is. But we’re also guessing this isn’t helping the boyfriend’s career transition any.