How More Journos Are Doing, One Year After Leaving The NYT News Service

nyt_logo.jpgClarification: An earlier version of this post said that all eight of the remaining News Service employees are monitoring the Gainesville operation. In actuality, three of the remaining staffers are managers whose jobs were never in question, three are overseeing Gainesville, and two are working in other capacities.

In November 2009, the New York Times News Service, which edits and formats NYT articles for wire distribution, decided to close the news service and move most of the duties to the NYTco-owned Gainesville Sun.

Kenneth Walsh, a former News Service employee, surveyed his colleagues during a bowling date. Here’s what he found.

Out of the 31 people originally in the department, “which we were told was being completely outsourced except for three managers,” eight are still employed; three of which are monitoring the Gainesville operation. One more moved to Gainesville to work for the news service there, so s/he still works for the Times company as well as getting a severance package, says Walsh.

Of the 22 that remain, only five have full-time jobs, and all five took pay cuts.

One is retired, five are freelancing, and the rest are still looking.

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