Hottest Media Types: The Descriptions

hottestmedia.gif Perhaps our favorite thing about FishbowlDC’s Hottest Media Types contest is the descriptions used in nominations. After the jump, we present some of the finest we’ve received thus far…

(Nominate folks here)

  • “…infamously known for her vintage style and kick-ass parties has broken many hearts across the district and is a staple, if not permanent fixture, in the DC party scene.”

  • “She’s new in town and what’s ‘hotter’ than an anchor that’s working out on air with all sorts of DC teams, etc.”

  • “Really nice, really smart, really beautiful. Dresses well, sparkly blue eyes, great laugh.”

  • “She is drop dead gorgeous, to the point that men can’t help but stare and even women stop to tell her she is breath-takingly stunning.”

  • “Not only is she gorgeous and stylish, she’s classy too.”

  • “She is so hot and lovely that she melts butter with her come- hither smile, not to mention her incredible legs and two of the finest scoops of vanilla ice cream to ever grace a ravishing beauty.”

  • “When I see him on TV in the evenings, I know I have had a perfect day, and I try to breathe normally.”

  • “Tall, blonde, tan. A beautiful smile and the whitest teeth I have ever seen!”

  • “He’s smart, extremely witty, totally charming, and has a great body- a gal can’t ask for more than that!!! You can’t help but like him- or keep yourself from looking at him!!! He’s a terrific guy!!! The other on-air guys have got NOTHING on [REDACTED]!!!! He is I-Need-A-Cold-Shower-Hot!!!!!!! Tsss tsss tsss SIZZLING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • “She is about six foot, with amazing blond curly hair, a huge smile, and the energy and personality to match.”

  • “This reporter covering the Obama campaign is so hot that secret service agents guarding the candidate fall over themselves just to “chat” with [REDACTED]. Even Obama himself gets flustered in the presence of this hottie. The fact is that [REDACTED] is so hot, she melts the paint off of the Obama press bus and plane.”

  • “I’ve met him, had a couple dinners and a few drinks with the guy, and that whole ‘aw shucks’ toe-in-the-sand country boy doofus thing he’s got going on is not an act. He’s just as much a big ol’ puppy of a person in real life as he is on tee vee. Generous, kind, whip-smart, cute as a button, and cuddly, too. What’s not to love?”

  • “soooo hot. especially when he’s at a show: he pulls a notebook out of his back pocket and sips on a yuengling while writing some hilarious bit to include in his review the next day.”

  • “he got shot three times, lived to tell the tale, and actually, he is legitimately hot.” [ED. NOTE: Gee, wonder who…]

  • “sassy, smart and single (well she seems to be single no matter who she’s with)”

  • “Part man, part deity, [REDACTED] looms large in the D.C. media universe, on account of both his towering intellect and his broad-hewn shoulders. The man is a fitness guru, known to sprint a good thirty miles before each editorial meeting just ‘to get the blood pumping.’ Besides sharing a not-to-miss lifestyle tip at each of these meetings, [REDACTED] rules the newsroom with a fist of iron and a heart of gold. Men cower in his presence, and women…well, they swoon, naturally. Says one [anonymous] female reporter: ‘[REDACTED] is tremendously physically fit. And incredibly nice. But mainly he’s just a specimen of physical perfection.’ There you have it, D.C.”