Hottest Media Types: Here Comes Young! Here Comes Santos! Here Comes Taylor!

hottestmedia.gif We told you: Just about anything that can happen, will happen.

This weekend showed little movement on the leaderboards, but today is a different story altogether…

Get caught up on today’s big developments after the jump…

The Hill’s Jeffrey Young has spent all day closing the gap on Male, Off Air frontrunner/gangsta/friend of computer nerds Brian Beutler. With just 24 hours left in FishbowlDC’s 4th Annual Hottest Media Types Competition, can Beutler hold him off?

jeffyoung (2).jpg

(Above, Young)

And in the Male, PR category, Edelman’s Robby Santos has surged past GWU’s Nick Massella (still, Dornic’s beating Pietras)

Robby Santos.png

(Above, Santos)

And in the Female, PR category, Rachel Bauer Taylor (from Rep. Eric Cantor) has overtaken Flash Communications’ Jane Wusterbarth.


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