Sprint’s unveiled their new logo!

From the press release:

Blending elements of Sprint’s signature “pin drop”–representing clarity–and Nextel’s bold yellow and black colors–which command attention–the new logo is a powerful symbol for the new Sprint as a forward-moving, energetic and dynamic brand.

Unbeige isn’t a Sprint fan–we remember barely getting a signal anywhere we went and then having to deal with an exorbitant bill each month–but we admit we like the modern approach they’re taking with their logo. Points for ditching the dull white/red scheme, more points for keeping Nextel’s dynamic yellow, and extra points for font choice, but the first thing we though of when we saw the new logo was the Acela logo. Yes, we’re aware they’re completely different, but that’s just what came to mind, mmmkay?

We just can’t shake the feeling that we’ve seen this logo–in some form or another–somewhere else before. Has anyone else? Email kenny AT mediabistro DOT com and let us know what your thoughts on the new Sprint logo: HOTNESS or NOTNESS? We’ll spread the comments like butter next week (if anyone writes in)…