Horror Pros to Produce E-Movie

NEW YORK To generate a following around its newly launched platform, Massify, a film production community networking site, has partnered with After Dark Films to create an online horror movie competition.

After Dark Films is a horror film production company, which organizes the annual independent festival Horrorfest, also known as 8 Films to Die For.

Both parties are reaching out to professional and amateur filmmakers to take part in the process, from submitting ideas to casting, for the user-generated horror flick. Aspiring filmmakers will also have the opportunity to create other content around the movie, such as posters and music.

“This is the perfect launch for our new platform,” said Massify president and co-founder Kenneth Woo. “Our goal is to provide a place where those who passionately make and act in films can collaborate directly with those who passionately watch films. And few communities are as passionate as the horror community.”

The competition begins with the initial pitch phase (seeking the best horror film concept). In the second phase, aspiring actors will upload audition videos for the four major roles in the film. Massify-goers will then vote on 10 male and 10 female semifinalists who will be flown to Los Angeles for screen tests. After casting is complete, production begins.

The initiative, called “Ghosts in the Machine,” is a film within a film. The process will be captured in a reality TV format and shown on the site.
“We are confident that in the minds of passionate fans and young filmmakers the next great horror idea is being dreamt up right now, and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to turn one inspired idea into a feature horror film in a way that has never been done before,” said After Dark Films CEO Courtney Solomon.

The competition will run through March 17. In addition to Massify’s site, Horrorfestonline will provide updates as the competition progresses.