Hollywood Reporter Trots Out New Fashion Blog

There’s no doubt that the very best thing about today’s announcement by the Hollywood Reporter of a new “FASHtrack” print and online fashion column is the accompanying headshot (pictured) of contributing editor Elizabeth Snead. Seriously, the late Stieg Larsson could not have drawn up a better tattoo than the one gracing the reporter’s left arm.

Together with blog editor Merle Ginsberg and THR style editor Carol McColgin on the print side, Snead will be keeping readers posted on the latest celebrity and industry-driven fashion trends. For Ginsberg, it’s a nice lateral move at a publication she has been a part of since 2o10:

“It’s so exciting for me to have this opportunity…” says Ginsberg. “I started writing about awards red carpet fashion for WWD in 1992, practically inventing the genre–I’m looking forward to putting all that knowledge and all those contacts in the perfect place, since it’s very hard to separate Hollywood and the fashion business anymore. They’ve come to depend on each other.”

Snead, who has been operating a personal blog and working for Deadline.com since leaving the fold of the LA Times, USA Today and other major publications, will specifically focus on awards show fashions. Once again, when the ice needs to be broken (or a THR tattoo sidebar written), her other ink industry knowledge should come in very handy.

Snead informs FishbowlLA via Twitter that her tattoo was derived from a painting by 17th century French artist Nicolas Poussin and carries over his famous Latin inscription, “Et in Arcadia ego.” “There’s also,” she writes, “a large fleur de lis and if you look closely, a small skull grinning inside a flower.”