Hollywood moment of the day

From the Styles & Scenes blog at The Envelope:

To say that Steven Spielberg’s “Munich” has been a hot topic of controversy during this awards season is putting it mildly. But one person who hasn’t been heard from is George Jonas, author of the book, “Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counter-Terrorist Team,” on which Spielberg’s film is based.

According to Jonas, he was never shown the “Munich” script during its many incarnations. Nor did he speak to any screenwriters or to Spielberg, even after the production was finally greenlit in spring 2005. His sole contact has been “Munich” producer Barry Mendel, who had initially contacted Jonas in July 1998, asking about film rights to the book. When Mendel called in spring 2005 to tell Jonas that filming was moving to Budapest, Hungary, Jonas offered his help, saying Budapest is his native city.

“Help? Maybe you can recommend some restaurants,” was Mendel’s reply.