Hoax or Legit? AllBritton’s New Local Site Gets a Name: ‘TBD’

> UPDATE: It’s TRUE. TBD is the name.

A site claiming to be Robert Allbritton’s new local D.C. project headed up by Jim Brady has finally come up with a name: “TBD”.

Seriously, that’s the alleged name.

An excerpt:
We won’t go into the list of names that we almost chose, the names we considered but laughed down or the reasons we rejected them. Let’s just say that RantsInYourPants.com didn’t exactly turn a lot of heads; plus, it’s taken. Our “riff” list covers everything from the dumb to the too clever to the boring and back again. We came very close to securing a name more than once, but each time an obstacle – a divided staff, a greedy domain holder, a trademark problem – blocked the way.

In a mixture of humor and frustration, Editor Erik Wemple began signing his emails, “Editor, TBD.com.”

Read the rest of the explanation here.