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Roland_Hedley: http://twitpic.com/25jrr – Just caused fender-bender on Beltway by tweeting on my way to work. Lesson learned. Will be a little late to…

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Blackberry vibrated all weekend with GMA’s Chris Cuomo’s 108 — yes, 108 — tweets. Any suggestions on how this guy can be stopped?

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BTW, hoping to get ex-wife to sign release on tweets about our kids. Too adorable to leave out of book.

about 13 hours ago from web

Nailed down book deal with Knopf for “The Best of Roland Hedley’s Tweets”. Kindle deal TBA. Want to be inclusive, so send in your faves.

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Cuomo finishes day w. 32 tweets. Like the rest of us ain’t here. Remember “Hustler” scene where Newman gets his thumbs broken? Just askin’.

8:33 PM Mar 13th from web

Final update, 10:55 PM: When I look back on today, I know I’ll cherish the memory of Jake Tapper’s 18 tweets and Chris Cuomo’s 27 tweets.

6:52 PM Mar 13th from web