Helvetica: The Inconvenient Truth of Design?


As our favorite Keynote presentation was given an Oscar nod today, we were sifting through some of the images on the site for Gary Hustwit‘s forthcoming documentary Helvetica, the first feature-length film about design. And we started thinking…

What if, like The Al Gore Show did for green, Helvetica does for design? What if not only all designers in the country (or the world, for that matter) go to see this movie, but other people go see it, too, and get interested in design, and suddenly, like, everyone starts to understand all this stuff that we’ve been talking to ourselves about all this time?

In his well-written director’s statement, Hustwit seems prepared to be the one to start this conversation:

I also thought that looking at Helvetica’s “career” would be a good structure to look at the past 50 years of graphic design, and a starting point for some interesting conversations in the film. And hopefully the film could make people who aren’t in the design trade think twice about the words that surround them, and the effect that typefaces have on the way we process those words.

It’s not exactly drowning polar bears. But it is important. And you’ll go see it, won’t you? And you’ll take two non-designer friends? That’s all we ask.