Help the Good People of New Orleans Out (before they lose big)


Brangelina or not, we feel bad for New Orleans, we really do. It’s been a rough couple of years for such a beautiful city and we hope they pull through in the end. And you can do your part and help your fellow designers by pre-ordering a copy of “Degrees of Separation.” Originally it began as a gallery project, with displaced designers creating postcards about their reflections of the Katrina disaster. But now they’ve assembled the whole thing into a book, which officially goes on sale come March 1st. It’s the right thing to do. In part because they’ve been through so much. And on the other part, because we here in Chicago are going to destroy their football team this Sunday afternoon, thus sparing the world from yet another “local team goes through hard times, then makes good and captures the hearts of millions” movie starring, oh, say, Kevin Costner as Sean Payton and LeAnne Rimes as some love interest that refuses to give up. That’s never easy for any city to let go of.