Heller Good! It’s Steven Heller Week on UnBeige


To commemorate his induction into the equivalent of the School of Visual Arts Hall of Fame, we’re declaring this week Steven Heller Week here on UnBeige. While we believe that we’re the blog with the most Heller Love™ in the universe, it turns out our devotion is not alone. AI-AP’s DART ran an awesome interview with Heller, “Polymath at Large” last week. Today, “Zippy the Pinhead” artist Bill Griffith devoted his strip to Heller’s legacy. And tomorrow at SVA, at 7pm, he’ll be talking with another object of our obsession, Michael Bierut, to celebrate the massive exhibition, designed by Kevin O’Callaghan (which opens with a reception tonight).

Stay tuned for coverage of the aforementioned event, and more daily Heller than even the Daily Heller can deliver.