Heath Ledger Remembered/ Family, Friends, Fans and Total Strangers


Salon’s Table Talk hostess, Mary Beth Williams, wins the Shameless Search-Pandering Post (the SSPP) award for a witless remembrance of the late Heath Ledger. She saw his movies; he lived in her Brooklyn neighborhood. She asks an unanswerable question:

Had the pain that suffused so many of his performances become too real?

Never mind the medical examiners reached no conclusion, and that his family said suicide was out of the question. Readers see him as the James Dean of a new generation.

Australian papers quote all sorts of unnamed friends with seedier stories to tell. Fans pay tribute, as well.

Extras from 10 Things I Hate About You recall working, ie playing hacky sack , with Ledger.

Best Buy in San Diego leaps into the commercial aspects of mourning, as well.