Hearst Exec Outlines Keys to Magazine Success

John Loughlin, Hearst Magazine’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, spoke today at the Time Inc. building as the keynote speaker for DMA Circulation Marketing Day (sounds like a zany afternoon!).

During his speech, Loughlin offered up some ideas on how the magazine industry could be successful. He said focusing on tablets, better data comprehension, and finding creative ways to get consumers engaged – and thus, spending – would all benefit the market. Loughlin also said that magazines can no longer afford to think of their print and digital components as dichotomous.

To all of this FishbowlNY says: Sing it sister! These are some strong points from Loughlin. Now that magazines must fight tooth and nail for what they can get, it’s forcing the industry to rethink everything, which (usually) means good things for readers.