HDR isn’t H-A-R-D


Call us the last to jump on the digital bandwagon, but we finally dipped out feet in the High Dynamic Range pool today, and now we’re ready to jump right in and never get out. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, which is probably a good majority of “regular people,” and by that we mean, “non-tech-people” or “non-photography-people,” its a method in which you’re able to take a photographic image into a 32-bit space and play with the lighting nearly as though you were controlling the sun (which very few people are able to do). This works by taking numerous exposures at the same time of the same thing. Although many digital cameras aren’t able to handle this process (yet), with the new version of Photoshop, CS2, along with a handful of other ingenious programs, you’re able to batch import numerous pics of the same thing, and duplicate the method. It’s amazing and will, if you haven’t spent much time with it, suck up any available free time you thought you had. Wow. Here’s a great tutorial and some of the tech-y info, along with a fantastic gallery of HDR goodness.