Harry Shearer on hurricanes, health care and smell of sausage


Today is the unveiling of the Creative Coalition’s Robin Bronk’s column in The Hill in which she asks famous people what they’d do if they had five minutes with POTUS. Her first subject: Harry Shearer. (He’s an actor, comedian – he’s the voice of Mr. Burns on “The Simpsons.”)

It’s not hard to find the column if you know where to look. The publication splashes it on the “Washington Scene” blog, but on the front of the web site? There’s no mention.

It’s difficult for Hollywood people to do Washington. After offering responses that involve a hurricane protection system, Wikileaks and health care, Shearer finally throws Bronk a bone:

RB: Would you ever consider a political career?
HS: Never. I worked in the California State Legislature for a year, and I still can’t get the smell of sausage out of my nostrils.

Stay tuned for the next column, which will come out every Wednesday that Congress is in session. We have high hopes for this feature, especially with actor Adrian Grenier on the horizon.