Harrods Celebrates Design Icons, Christian Lacroix Holds the Syrup

harrods design icons.jpg

As all of our friends jet off to Milan, we’re pretending to be in London, where today Egyptian-flavored department store Harrods begins its “Design Icons” series of events, in-store displays, and great lectures. The all-around celebration of “the leading designers and their products which have burned an impression on the collective consciousness over the past half century” runs through May 24, and true to form, the store’s operative question is, “How many of these infamous products do you own?”

The design objects making the icon cut include the Dyson vacuum, the yo-yo, the Castaglionis‘ Arco lamp, the Swiss Army Knife, and the Etch-a-Sketch (which coincidentally, is what we use to draft UnBeige posts). Then we noticed the curious Evian bottle designed by Christian Lacroix. Produced in a limited edition of 99, the “Lacroix Ice Queen” bottle was inspired by a red wedding dress worn by Madonna. “I gave the silhouette of a princess, a goddess, or a mythical creature, a sort of snow fairy in couture garb,” muses Lacroix on the Harrods website. “Crowned with flowers, bejewelled with crystals, ‘wearing’ the familiar range of jagged peaks and ridges, like the flounces of a crinoline.” This bottle (which will be auctioned for charity with a starting bid of £1000) might have been designed to hold Evian, but it reminds us of another liquid-filled lady, one available at your local supermarket, and for a considerably sweeter price: Mrs. Butterworth!

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