Happy Halloween: The World of Print Media is a Very Scary Place

The last seven days have been terrible ones for print media. While the demise of print has been long discussed certainly no one could have foreseen the speed with which it is happening. At a keynote address in New York yesterday morning Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore told the audience that this October looked like 1931.

“Time Inc has never had so many advertising clients in trouble at the same time. The declines are stunning.” Moore added that she didn’t care if it technically isn’t a recession. “It is one for us.”

Recession or otherwise it’s definitely depression causing to read and write about the continual layoffs. And while we can’t control the news, it is Halloween! So to that end we are at least going to have a bit of fun and find all our favorite scary movie scenes throughout the day via the magic of YouTube hopefully mitigating slightly the scariness of the newscycle.