Hamid Gives a Peek at the Inner Workings of AIGA


Speaking of Naz Hamid, as we were just the other day, he’s got a nice treat up now on his site for people who will like such things in his post “Under the Hood at AIGA.org.” It relates to the recent AIGA redesign, but not the side we non-employees see, but rather, all the bells and whistles they use behind the scenes. It’s a really swell sneak peek. Here’s from the intro:

This time around, I was again, fortunate to be pulled in to work on the AIGA redesign, but not on the public-facing website, but rather under the hood and behind the scenes on AIGA.org’s CMS interface. Working with Liz Danzico and Kelly McLaughlin at AIGA and with Matthew Spellman, Tonja Bruns and Orin Fink at Thirdwave (who created and customized the CMS), I developed the look and feel for what the people at AIGA see when they update that oh so sexy front-end.