Griffin DriveSafe for iPhone Interesting but Has Limited Usefulness

If you drive far from home this summer, you may find yourself in areas where hands-free cell phone laws are different than your home town. Griffin Technology’s new free iOS app can help you learn what local handsfree driving lawas may be in effect where you currently are driving.

Drive Aware. Drive Compliant. DriveSafe.

It also provides Map Search to identify nearby roadside services, fuel, food and medical facilities. Finally, the app provides a list of Griffin hardware accessories that can assist with complying to handsfree driving laws.

The app does not use the GPS to get your current location and automatically link you to local handsfree driving laws. However, the simple menu-driven system is easy to use to drill down to find information about an area.

A potentially big problem with the app is that its U.S. information appears to only account for laws issued by state governments. It does not, for example, note that my city and county has handsfree driving laws even though the State government has not weighed in on the matter. This makes the law compliance aspect of the app questionable in its usefulness.

The facilities search feature does use GPS provided location. However, using it exits the app and jumps to Google Maps on the iPhone. This means that multiple searches involves switching back and forth between the app and Google Maps.

Griffin DriveSafe