Graphic Design Apparently Very Serious Business And Worthy Of Discussion

strangelove_war_room.jpgWe love getting reader mail. Love it love it love it. Especially when it comes from a very serious design student and is about the very serious business of very serious graphic design. In which case our duty is, above all, to inform. Revel in the stage directions.

Claire Mills, a 3rd-year graphic design student at the always-lovely sounding Bath Spa University, has started her student final project. It is called

“Thoughts of a graphic design student. Evaluating a formal education in graphic design and formulating a manifesto for a contemporary graphic design education.”

Essentially, it’s a blog where people who are into graphic design get together and talk about what they think about graphic design. Looks kinda like a cross between archinect, SpeakUp, and the triumvirate list we had going senior year. But, we’re behind it in full force. So, we’re told, is Michael.

Besides, really, it’s not like we’d ever let anyone get a word in edgewise.