GQ Stands Behind Its Rand Paul Kidnapping, Bong Hitting Story

rand_paul_8.11.10.jpgGQ‘s Jason Zengerle recently published a story (“Rand Paul’s Kooky College Days (Hint: There’s a Secret Society Involved”) digging into the life and times of Rand Paul, the Libertarian who is vying to fill Kentucky’s Senate seat, and he uncovered some interesting little anecdotes about the politician’s alleged extracurricular activities during college. The standout story claims that Paul, as a student attending Baylor University in Texas, once kidnapped a young woman with the help of a fellow classmate, forced her to take hits of marijuana from a bong and made her “worship false idols” such as “Aqua Buddha.” The Paul camp is, predictably, less than enthused about the article and has threatened to pursue legal action against the magazine.

GQ, for its part, insists that it thoroughly researched and vetted the story before running it.

The Week highlights other major revelations in the GQ story including the allegation that Paul “decided to join a banned and decidedly liberal secret society” during college known as the “NoZe Brothers,” that Paul and his fellow NoZe members routinely mocked Christianity, and that Paul once attempted to drunkenly dig up a decades-old time capsule at the school.

Paul has dismissed the allegations, telling “Your World” host Neil Cavuto that “I think I would remember if I kidnapped someone, and I don’t remember. And I absolutely deny kidnapping anyone ever.” He added that “I think they deserve a lawsuit,” before lamenting the diminishing state of journalistic ethics in the U.S.