Google TV Spokesperson Tries to Justify New Vivid Porn Channel

Yeah, right. That’s the reaction not just here at FishbowlLA but also via some of the reader comments for an updated L.A. Times blog item about Vivid Entertainment being allowed to stream its shiny, happy porn product through Google TV set-top boxes.

After Nathan Olivarez-Giles published his initial report, he heard from a Google TV spokesperson:

“We will respect the parental controls of devices connected to Google TV. So if you have controls set up through your set-top box or through a V-Chip, those controls will continue to work for TV content shown through Google TV. Users will also be able to implement Safe Search on the Google TV browser (Chrome), and the Safe Search setting will extend to Internet content shown in Google TV search results. In addition, users will have the ability to lock out access to the browser on Google TV through a 4-digit PIN code for access control.]

Per the article, Apple has already made its own set-top box exception for tamer Playboy programming. Still, this seems like a really bad PR move for both tech giants. It’s not like they need the cash, and they could certainly afford to fight any litigation these adult content purveyors might throw at them. Boo-gle!