Google Makes It Easier to Link Your Website to Your Google+ Page

Let’s say you have a new business called Bigger Bowling Shoes. You’ve got a website, a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a Google+ page (although you lament the lack of engagement on said G+ page). Most people find you through a Google search, and their experience is searching for your brand and seeing a smattering of your pages with small blurb descriptions. What if instead of sterile links, users were able to see your latest posts and content? That’d probably be good for your brand and may help attract people that wouldn’t have clicked otherwise. Google+ is now offering such a service.

Well, Google+ has been touting their ability to connect your Google+ page to your website directly for a while, but yesterday they rolled out an improvement that makes the linking process much easier. In just a few steps, you can connect the two pages, and that means when users search your brand on Google, they’ll see your most recent Google+ posts directly in Google. This will help with SEO and also attract more users.

1) Visit your Google+ page, open its profile, and click ‘Edit profile’
2) On the About tab, save your website URL, then click the new button, ‘Link website’
3) Follow the instructions for adding a short line of code to your website’s homepage, then click ‘Test website’

Check out the official post by Dennis Troper here.