Good News From The Lone Star State: Texas Tribune Survives Another Day

If you ask CEO Evan Smith, the nonprofit Texas Tribune is doing fantastic.

This is in stark contrast to other nonprofit newsgathering operations online, like the Washington Independent, which ran out of money earlier this year and had to lay off its four staffers.

Smith broke down the traffic numbers in a blog post this morning.
Total pageviews in 2010: 23 million.
Total visits: 3.9 million, of which 2.2 million were uniques.

“This thing is working,” he wrote.

Indeed, the stats are encouraging: in May of 2010, six months into the site’s operation, the Texas Tribune had clocked a total of 5.3 million pageviews, or 883,333 per month, versus 1.9 million per month on average in 2010.

The site now employs 27 people (a bit more than in May 2010).