Good News for Summer Hiring: Expert Expects Hourly Job Opportunities to Increase

Forget the doom and gloom, according to Snagajob, a site that publishes employment opportunities for hourly job seekers, prospects for summer hiring are up, up and away!

Let’s get a few things straight: Is it full-time employment? No. Benefits and paid time off? No and no. That said, we are talking about opportunities for seasonal work for people who are on the bench and looking to get in the game.

As per a piece on Fortune, the number of companies seeking to hire summer help has risen significantly and average pay is $11.50 per hour (this is compared to $10.90 one year ago).

For younger workers such as college students or even teens, per Snagajob’s recent survey about hiring, one out of three hiring managers said it will be “easy” for teens to find a job this year.

(Eyes back to you, we get it.)

Even if you didn’t previously consider yourself an hourly worker,  it may be time to think outside the box if you’ve been unemployed and have been looking for similar types of full-time opportunities for a while. If you’re hitting a dead end, this could be a viable path to try.

“This should be the best summer for hourly workers we’ve seen in several years,” pointed out Jason Hamilton, vice president at Snagajob.

He also told Fortune it’s a particularly ripe time for college grads to launch their careers.”It’s one of the best summers we’ve seen for new job seekers to get a foot in the door.”

Word to the wise, don’t delay — the survey revealed most companies will complete their summer hiring by the end of this month.