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Photograph by Politico’s Patrick Gavin posted this week. The dark clouds are meant to convey, however jokingly, congressional battles.

Bio of the Day

NJ‘s Susan Davis: “I’m a reporter. Despite that, people seem to like me.”

(Bios will be taken from Twitter and publication websites. If you have someone you’d like us to feature, write me at Your anonymity will be protected.)

Journo says father doesn’t pass gas

“Shopping for a Father’s Day card, I was shocked by the lack of quality, options. Come on, Hallmark. My Dad is not a farting, sexist drunk.” — WJLA-TV reporter Mike Conneen in the most comical tweet we came across on Wednesday.

Ezzy in dream world

“Had a dream in which dream-me realized I could save items I wanted to blog later by starring them in Google Reader. Pro tip, subconscious!” — WaPo liberal blogger Ezra Klein in a Wednesday tweet. We think he was awake when he wrote this, but we can’t possibly be certain.

Crystal ball prediction

“Anyone else feel like at this point a TMZ-Politico merger is almost a foregone conclusion?” — The Nation‘s Washington Bureau Chief Chris Hayes in a Wednesday tweet.

Chuck Todd questions sense of TV banner

“There’s a TV banner (thankfully not NBC fam) that said “Ex-Porn Star Joins Weiner Scandal”; Can u “join” a scandal? Really? Sign up sheet?” — NBC’s Chuck Todd in a Wednesday tweet.

Weiner’s inevitable future in TV?

“Then there is the inevitable foreshadowing of what might be a career in television: Weiner could cash in on his notoriety by moving to TV, as have others caught in similar scandals before him. He has been, after all, a ubiquitous presence on cable TV, coming across as an antsy, energetic liberal who is always willing to take on Republicans and conservatives.” — NJ‘s Billy House in a story about Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s (D-N.Y.) financial disclosure forms for 2010.

Definition of a successful press day

“We just got like 20 TV  Google alerts for @DarrellIssa within 1 minute. Wow, that’s a lot of coverage for the hearing today.” — Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) flak Becca Glover in a Wednesday tweet.

Radio host is all Weinered out

“I am seeking therapy for my compulsive behavior in following the Weiner story more closely than events in Yemen.” — NPR’s Scott Simon in a Wednesday tweet.

David Gregory was into rap (but not the ‘nasty’ stuff)

“A lot of suburban white kids like me were into that stuff,” — NBC “MTP” Host David Gregory told the Washington Examiner this week after Monday night’s GOP presidential debate. Growing up in LA, Gregory said he was big into rap, but stressed that he was never really into the “nasty stuff.” Read the full item here.