Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


> Correction: We confused one of @McCainBlogette’s and @McCainBoobette’s quotes this morning. It was @McCainBoobette who actually said “Omg D.C. jernalists…” The copy has been changed below to reflect the correction.

Meghan McCain blasts D.C. “Jernalists”

“I hope DC journalists feel like their careers have hit a high note,” The Daily Beast‘s and Dirty, Sexy Politics author Meghan McCain tweeted late Tuesday after Politico published a story on why she blew off Washington for a book signing. “When they spend their time both being quoted and writing articles about my cleavage. thats some real political journalism there.”

More McCain: “Hahah omg, why are DC journalists giving quotes about not being interested in me, interested enough to say you aren’t interested?” She added, “With 7 days until a major election, you would think political journalists would have better things to talk about, apparently not.”

A Twitter handle spin-off of McCain is McCainBoobette, who came to McCain’s defense (we think) and also let D.C. “jernos” have it:  “Omg DC jernalists, U totlly want me & think Im important or else U wouldnt right about me, My mom said! st0p looking at my CLEAVAGE.”

Ghosts in Howie’s office?

“Lights in CNN office turn off when you’re sitting at desk. Have to walk around to get them to pop back on. Designed by some exercise freak?” — The Daily Beast‘s Washington Bureau Chief and CNN host Howard Kurtz on Tuesday on Twitter. We hope he’s worked this out, although it is getting awfully close to Halloween.