Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quote(s) of the Day


Weekly Standard Cruise – a modern day Love Boat?

“About to leave Boston on @weeklystandard cruise. Have no idea if my new phone will work up north. If tweeting sparse, blame Canada.”
The Weekly Standard‘s Mary Katharine Ham in a Saturday tweet regarding a cruise. We hope communication works – we have to hear what’s happening.

Morning jesting

“You know who I hate? Sam Stein in D.C. Tell us 15-year-old Sam Stein, tell us what’s going on in America.”
– MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough joking to HuffPost‘s Sam Stein on this morning’s program. Stein replied, “Should I just get off the set right now? This has been the worst introduction ever.”

Reporter reacts

– A FishbowlDC reader’s response after informed that he or she didn’t make the “Fishbowl’s Finest” beauty list out this week.

Are these pleasant feelings?

“Stuffed and tipsy from brunch! Thanks to @ShiraToeplitz, @EBrotherton, @ByTriciaMiller and @Kitschkitch for helping make my birthday so fun!” – Roll Call‘s Ali McSherry in a Sunday tweet. We wish McSherry a happy birthday!