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Quote(s) of the Day


Was Snooki Invited?

“Nothing like my dad making me and 3 of my girlfriends hike in the river today… :-)” — The Daily Beast columnist Meghan McCain, daughter to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), in a weekend tweet.

Chuck Todd has unpleasant fan

“@dpleasant how about watching before tweeting off a criticism.”
– NBC’s Chuck Todd firing back at an unpleasant (despite the deceptive name) tweeter over the weekend.

TV contributor tortured in sea
of “Eat Pray Love” characters

“Oh, man…wife & I at EatPrayLove. It looks like a casting call for the Liz Gilbert role.” – CNBC Contributor Tony Fratto over the weekend on Twitter. Fratto is also managing director of Hamilton Strategies, and founder of


Reporter goes on jean-buying spree

“Took less than three hours to find jeans.”
– AP national politics scribe Phil Elliott in a pressing weekend tweet.

WH Press Corps ‘All Geeked Up’

“…Part of the reason, Howie, why this electrified the White House press corps so much is because Robert and Obama are so close, that when Robert does speak out of school, it’s like you’re getting the unvarnished opinion of the president. So that’s why we were all geeked up about it last week.” – The Washington Examiner’s White House correspondent Julie Mason on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday opining on fallout to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’s remarks on the Professional Left last week.