Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quote of the Day


Bo, the V.I.P.

“Bo deplaned at 10:59 and got lifted into a black SUV a few minutes later. Marine One lifted off at 11:03 pm as Bo looked on from back seat of SUV.”
– A favorite line from WaPo Nia-Malika Henderson’s Pool Report #10 on Thursday. Bo, President Obama‘s Portuguese Water Dog is spotted exiting AF1 at Andrews Air Force Base. (We love that he’s written about in press reports formally, like he’s a real V.I.P., which he obviously is.).

Praying for Hitchens

“Trust no political party. Remember our troops. Pray for Hitch. Keep Calm and Carry On.”
– MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ Host Joe Scarborough Thursday on Twitter. He wants people to pray for Vanity Fair contributor Christopher Hitchens, who has cancer.