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Quote(s) of the Day


Journo razzes Politico

“BREAKING: POLITICO nabs Helen Thomas as first step in plan to ‘win the afterlife.'”
–Anonymous journalist jokes in a Monday tweet.

Helen Thomas fallout

•”Does anybody else wish that Helen Thomas had simply retired two weeks ago?” NYT‘s media blogger Brian Stelter in a Monday tweet.

•”Helen Thomas is retiring at age 89, effective immediately, after saying Jews in Israel should go “back” to Germany and Poland. Indebted as we are to her as a pioneer and a pistol, no way could or should she have stayed.”–Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger in a Monday Facebook post.

Sally Quinn’s whereabouts

“Been on sabbatical past few months. On tour for Father’s Day book by husband and son, Ben & Quinn Bradlee: A Life’s Work: Fathers and Sons.WaPo‘s Sally Quinn in a Monday tweet.

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